Design Hiatus No More

Defecting to the medical field has done more than rack up a lot of debt. It’s actually renewed my desire to design! It’s been a long 5 years since I’ve done anything other than touch up my resume. However, I’ve since tossed aside my dusty old macbook in favor of a new model, updated Adobe CS past the 3rd edition, and picked up a new project. It’s something new for me: wedding invitations. Not only was it a challenge because of how long it had been since I’ve created anything, but also because I would have to make something pretty feminine. Overall, a great learning experience and not at all something to fear.


Post-Grad Work

Despite my parents’ opinion, I have done more than laze around since I’ve graduated. I decided to update one of my favorite pieces – reworking the pages I wasn’t happy with. Turns out, I wasn’t happy with a lot of it as I ended up changing about half the book. This is just a sample of the new additions. Letter ‘E’ was particularly involved, as you can see by the detail image. Letters ‘L’ and ‘U’ were exploits in photography, and it’s always fun to blur the lines between photography and design.